In early 2006, Greg Constantine moved to Asia to begin work on his most recent project, Nowhere People, which focuses on the denial of citizenship and the struggles of stateless ethnic minroity groups around the world. Over the past four and a half years he has documented the struggles of stateless groups living throughout Asia, Africa and Europe including the Bihari in Bangladesh, the Rohingya from Burma, children in Sabah, Malaysia, Dali tin southern Nepal, Hill Tamils in Sri Lanka, Crimean Tatars and ethnic Korean in Ukraine, the Nubians in Kenya and most recently, stateless people in the Ivory Coast.

Withou citizenship, stateless people have no recognized nationality, belong to no country and do not have access to most social, civil and economic rights.Nowhere People exposes the human toll the statelessnes has claimed on people and ethnic groups that find themselves excluded from society by forces beyond their control. More importantly, it provides tangible documentation of proof that stateless people hidden and forgotten all over the world actually exist.